Sunday, October 2, 2011


Force is inspired from the Tamil movie Kaakha Kaakha…starring Suriya and Jyothika in 2003. The Hindi remake stars John Abraham – in one of those single hero movies and Genelia D’souza., and is directed by Nishikant Kamath , who earlier directed Mumbai meri Jaan.

Force is a story of ACP Yashwardhan, who is unattached to anyone in this world. He is tough cop and beats his opposition to pulp for good measure. After all he has the body built to that effect and is put to good use. He is part of the Anti-Narcotics team, headed by Raj Babbar, and puts together an inner circle to fight the drug mafia. They manage to wipe out the menace when they realize that the informer was making it too easy for their comfort. All that happened was set the stage for Vishnu (newcomer Vidyut Jamwal) to rule the drug empire. Meanwhile social activist Maya (Genelia) randomly bumps into him till he develops feelings for her and realizes when she meets with an accident. She then turns on her bubbly charm and makes all attempts to get him to reciprocate, which well takes a while. Why? ACP is a lil slow on the emotions department and thinks they are a distraction and he can lose his focus. But she will just not give up, till they finally decide to get married.

Vishnu’s brother is killed in an encounter and the rest of the movie turns into a run-catch-kill not just the team of the NCB, but their families as well.

What I liked:
Superlike: John’s awesome sculpted body
Masala movie with all the action – esp the opening scene where John tries a rock climbing thing like Tom Cruise in MI2
Amit Gaur as Mahesh (Khadak Singh) – very cute and nice to the eye

What I super dislike:
John cant emote or be romantic for nuts – too wooden, like his sculpted body
Monotonous characterization of Genelia – she has replaced Preity Zinta on the bubbly meter but is highly irritating
No chemistry between John n Genelia - looks very awkward
Story is too slow and can distract you from what’s happening on screen

My rating: 2/5 (just watch it if you wanna watch John’s abs and want a typical masala movie)

Sunday, September 25, 2011


Touted as one well planned movie, directed by Pankaj Kapur for starring his son Shahid (Harry),wife Supriya Pathak Kapur (Fatima) and Sonam Kapoor (Aayat). Set in a sleepy l’il village of Mallukot in Punjab takes you through a love story through more than a decade.

Harry is a carefree and chilled out guy, who is just waiting for his letter to join the Indian Air Force. He bumps into Aayat when she just lands up in the village to be taken care of by her bua, as her father is in hiding due to the Babri Masjid issue.

Harry keeps watching her while she is going to school but does not have the courage to have any conversation with her. The first time he does is with small notes while she is putting mehendi on his sister’s hands for her wedding. He gathers up the courage to confess his feelings for her, but the next day she leaves the village suddenly. Coincidentally he gets his letter to the Air Force on the same day and the movie moves into Scotland where he is there on an exchange program. There he bumps into Aayat and the story continues. Unspoken feelings keep them together and when things seem to be getting serious, he gets called into the Kargil war. They lose touch all over again, till he sights her in Switzerland. But loses her again due to a misinterpretation.

They finally reunite in the backdrop of the Godhra riots, where he saves her life. And a heroic stunt later where he rescues a kid, they walk off into the sunset as a happy couple.

The whole movie didn’t require an imagination since it covered all major mishaps in India and affecting India (from Babri Masjid demolition, to Godhra massacre) with a bit of glamour factor put in. Not at all impressive for what was touted a great romantic story.

What I liked: nothing much, except the first 2 songs

Binod Pradhan’s camera work

What I did not like: Sonam’s anorexic look

Too many predictable breaks in the movie

Reasons of separation that makes you tell them to get an email id/FB account

My rating: 2/5 - avoidable

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Mere Brother Ki Dulhan

Yashraj is back again this time with Mere Brother ki Dulhan, with Imran Khan (Kush Agnihotri), Ali Zafar (Luv Agnihotri) and Katrina Kaif (Dimple Dixit). Slated as a Rom-com and a family entertainer as usual.

The movie starts with Luv, the investment banker in London, breaking up with his girlfriend Piyali (Tara D’Souza) of 5 years. Suddenly reality strikes him and he calls up younger bro Kush to find a girl for him to be married to. Reason: when they were kids, they both liked Madhuri Dixit. So he trusts Kush’s choice in women. Kush and parents go on a bride hunting spree and finally land up with Dimple Dixit as a choice.

But here lies a shocker. He knows Dimple from his college days where she was as wild as she can be. Predictably, the family likes the alliance and they are all set to get Luv married to Dimple. With the preparations, Kush feels attracted to Dimple but is not really aware of it. Kahaani mein slight twist happens with Luv coming down to India for the wedding. And with that Kush n Dimple realize their feelings for each other but do not know how to get out of the engagement.

Putting their brains together, and infused laughter situations to sort this out is the rest of the story. And since there is no cog in the wheel, one gets created to just extend the story. All’s well that ends well.

My rating: 2.5/5 – very average

What is likable?
Kat is improving in the wardrobe and dance department

What is not likable?
The Imran of Jaane tu … and Delhi Belly is missing… Please come back soon
No memorable music
Zero sparks between Imran and Kat

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara directed by Zoya Akhtar is smooth and effortless on the viewer. It brings the entire Akhtar family together in their various specialties. Zoya with her direction, Farhan with the acting and dialogues and of course daddy Javed with lyrics.
The Akhtar movies have mostly centered around relationships, especially friendship and how vital it is to our lives. The movie is spun around Kabir Dewan (Abhay Deol), Arjun Saluja(Hrithik Roshan) and Imran (Farhan Akhtar). Kabir is in the construction business and has just proposed to an interior designer Natasha (Kalki Koechlin). As part of his bachelor party, he wants to execute the pact they had made while in college. A pact that will make them try an adventure sport of each one’s choice while not revealing it to the other till the moment, which leads them to Spain. Arjun,the financial broker, comes in reluctantly while Imran, the writer has no such hassles.
The first sport is Kabir’s choice, where they meet Laila (Katrina Kaif) a diving instructor. Arjun is not very thrilled by the choice but Laila guides him through the experience. At the end of the dive, Arjun gets very emotional and feels liberated. They soon become friends and accompany her to the Tomatina festival. Amidst all the fun and frolic, Natasha crashes into the happy party, creating a sticky situation. Laila gets Arjun out of his shell and he learns to let go…and becomes more relaxed. This sets a start to their relationship as well.
Next choice is Arjun’s which Imran is petrified of doing, but does it anyways. Post this, they set out to fulfill Imran’s choice, which is seriously life-threatening but has to be done in order to liberate themselves totally. It dawns on them that this is their only chance to live and with the friends that they are and go ahead to enjoy themselves.
The movie does remind you of DCH, but only in the friendship angle and the road trip. Each character has its own insecurities and demons to handle, but it lets you feel that they are after all human. These are the people we all are.
Through the entire story, Farhan exhibits excellent comic timing and light heartedness. Hrithik is stuck-up initially but loosens up towards the end. Abhay plays the perfect balance and is quite goofy himself. Katrina is content being a part of the story and is not in the limelight. Music by Shankar- Ehsaan - Loy is calming and soothing to the ear, and refreshing.The entire journey makes u want to pack your bags and holiday with your buddies.
My rating: 4/5 – Only for all the men in this movie – this is going to make for one of my favorite movies of the year

Delhi Belly

Delhi Belly is an Aamir Khan production and stars Imran Khan as Tashi,Vir Das as Arup and Kunal Roy Kapur as Nitin. Add to this is Shenaz as Sonia and Tashi’s girlfriend.
Tashi,Arup and Nitin are flat mates and always try to pass on responbilities of the household to each other. Even something as simple as opening the door to visitors and keeping buckets in place to fill water. And they are behind the rent schedule (nothing new). Sonia drops in to let Tashi know that he needs to meet her parents that afternoon for lunch and meanwhile drop off a package for a friend. Tashi delegates it to Nitin. Nitin meanwhile falls sick after eating some road side fare and hands over the package to Arup.
Trouble sets in when Arup switches the package with the stool sample from Nitin. The package was diamonds smuggled into the country for a local don. Tashi meanwhile gets chased and shot at by colleague Menaka’s(Poorna Jagannathan) ex-husband and ruins his newly gifted Santro.
Sonia gets kidnapped and the goons need the diamonds as ransom. Just when they had sold it and got a lot of money for it. They attempt to steal it back, in order to release Sonia. A very staged gunfight later, all the bad guys are killed and the trio with Sonia are miraculously alive. Has to be, it’s a Bollywood movie after all.
The movie is written with language that maybe alien to most of the audience. Has a gross factor in some scenes and swearing that comes matter-of-factly to the cast. It is fast paced and perfect for the multiplex audience.
My rating:3.5/5

I Am

I am is yet another Onir creation. It’s more in the critical acclaim category than for commercial. Onir casts his favorites: Rahul Bose, Sanjay Suri, Juhi Chawla
Movie has 4 parts, each with a story of its own.
Afia (Nandita Das) wants to have a baby desperately, only to find that her husband is going to divorce her shortly. Shattered but determined, opts of artificial insemination. Against warnings from friends, goes ahead to know the sperm donor (Purab Kohli) at a personal level. Her anxiety in knowing his personality and family, sort of makes him go on a backfoot, which is not explained well.
Megha(Juhi Chawla) returns to Kashmir to sell off her ancestral property. She meets her long time neighbours (Manisha Koirala), who wants Megha to remember her past in Kashmir. All that Megha remembers and is hurt by is the fact that her Kashmiri Pandit family were forced to flee and wants to have no connections with the place now.
Abhimanyu(Sanjay Suri) is a photographer and is a victim of child abuse. His step father is dying and his mother wants him to be home one last time. She doesn’t know the true nature of the relationship between her second husband and her son as she thinks everything was rosy from her view. Only when he gathers up the courage to go meet her, it is too late. She also doesn’t believe him on the abuse. What is portrayed is very subtle and not in your face to scandalize you.
Omar (Rahul Bose) is gay and a chance encounter with a wannabe actor (Arjun Mathur) gets him into trouble. They get caught by a cop and he ends up coughing up a huge amount of money. He doesn’t know he has been duped till he meets Arjun again at a later point in time.
The story ends with this episode without a typical climax. Nevertheless, well written and keeps you engrossed.
My rating: 3/5

Bheja Fry 2

Vinay Pathak as Bharat Bhushan is back. This time around he is on a reality show like KBC and is the lucky winner. He is very impressed with the Exec Producer of the show Ranjini (Minnissha Lamba), and kind of owes his success on the show to her. He wins a weekend cruise,and the simpleton that he is, is impressed with the hospitality. The cruise also has the fraudulent business tycoon Ajit Talwar (K K Menon) on-board, who discovers that Bharat Bhushan is an IT inspector. Now all that Ajit wants to do to Bharat Bhushan is get rid of him so that he doesn’t get caught for IT frauds.

After a series of miss-haps, Ajit and Bharat end up on a deserted island and need to find a way out. Enroute, they meet a monkey which steals Ajit’s trousers. They use his underwear as a flag to attract attention. And at nightfall, end up walking into Amole Gupte (Raghu Burman), who is obsessed with his mom, love of his life and a radio that doles out songs on AIR. He has a fixed time table and a gun and is ready to shoot down any trespasser. They try to make a phone call in his house for rescue and end up blowing it up. Somewhere in this melee, Suresh Menon (Bharat’s boss) who is righteous as ever ends up on the marooned island to arrest Ajit. By this time, they are spotted and all’s well that ends well.
The story is very sketchy and the easy humour in the Bheja Fry 1 is just missing. Ends up too stressful for on the audience, which has not accepted this well.

My rating: 2/5

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Shor in the City

Produced by Ekta Kapoor and stars her brother Tusshar, is all about the seemingly normal city of Mumbai. The dark alleys exist along side the well-lit houses of the rich and famous. Righteousness exists with the wrong. Innocence co-habits with harassment and threats to life. The movie starts and ends with the 11-day Ganesha festival , with a befitting ending.
The film has 3 sub-plots: Tilak (Tusshar), who has a book publishing business, Sawan Kumar (Sundeep Kishan), a cricketer who needs money to ensure a place on the U-22 team and Abhay(Sendil Ramamurthy), an NRI entrepreneur who is setting up business in India and is being harassed by goons(Zakir Hussain).
Tilak and his 2 cronies are suddenly in the possession of a bag full of fire-arms that the cronies have picked up from a local train. They need to sell it off t make some quick money and are on the look-out for a buyer. Otherwise, he is a righteous book publisher, to the extent of threatening a famous wrietr in parting with the manuscript for exclusive publishing rights and newly-wedded man. He discovers “psychology” through “the Alchemist” and is surprised that he didn’t even know that his wife was educated. He has certain values in place and wants to let go of all nefarious activities, which his cronies think is a result of his marriage.
Sawan Kumar is an upcoming cricketer, who needs to get into the U-22 team, so that he can continue his relationship with his girlfriend, who otherwise will be married off to some guy chosen by her parents. They meet at the usual Mumbai hang-out for couples, Band-stand for some personal time and to resolve issues. He needs 10 lakhs to buy himself a place in the team and has no clue on how to get it. He approaches banks and then hits upon a plan to loot one, in a bid to make quick money
Abhay, an NRI, in Mumbai to set up a business, is harassed by goons for money to ensure his well-being and smooth functioning of business. They even follow him around and know all details of his model-girlfriend. He feels claustrophobic and cannot seem to arrive at a solution. He wants to get rid of this menace called mafia by himself, since he cannot find any other way out.
While you are trying to figure out how these three tracks are going to intertwine, the story arrives at an insipid climax and ends quite abruptly.
My rating: 3/5 – takes a while to grow on you


Ready is directed by Aneez Bazmee and the movie revolves only around Salman Khan (whose fave dialogue is Duniya mein teen cheezon ko underestimate math karna – I, me, myself). Anyone whose not a Sallu fan can watch this for sheer mindlessness.
Also in the movie is Mahesh Manjrekar, playing Sallu’s dad and who with a memory problem makes most of his dialogues “fill in the blanks”, bordering on under-the belt jokes. Anooradha Patel as the sensitive mom, who can look good only and is supportive of anything her son does, except for the fact that she wants him married to someone who has him under control. And 2 uncles and aunts fill in the family picture perfectly. Add to this, a guruji, whose words the family sticks to syllable for syllable.
Enter Asin, into their family, while escaping from her maternal uncles, who are looking to usurp her property by their plot of having her marry their respective brother-in law, but obviously she’s not interested in them. She straight away lands into Sallu’s picture perfect family and actually fits in (am not surprised)
Few squabbles, silly fights later, the uncles are brought to task in terms of their appearances and attitude towards Asin. And all’s well that ends well!!
My rating : 1/5 – not cos I’m not fond of Salman – it’s more like the masala movies that have skipped 2 decades.
Possible bright spots: Songs – Character dheela and Dinka Chika – all mass appeal.

Kung Fu Panda 2

Po is back and how… the adorable roly-poly Panda who loves his friends and food is back, this time in 3-D, making this an awesomeness experience regardless of age.
Po finds out from his Master that he has to fight Lord Shen – a peacock to save China. His dad, Ping is reluctant to let him go and in an emotional moment reveals that Po is adopted. Po with his gang Furious Five, set out on a mission to rescue China.
Before they encounter Lord Shen, they need to battle the pack of wolves as part of Shen’s army. They also discover that Kung Fu experts, Master Croc and Master Ox have been jailed in a bid to wipe out Kung Fu. They do not want to be freed citing that even if they were out, it was impossible to fight Shen who has a weapon that breathes fire and spits metal. Po manages to take on Lord Shen, who has been warned by the Soothsayer goat that a Shen is to be defeated by a warrior who is black n white.
While fighting Shen, Po is distracted by certain flashes of the peacock’s feathers and realizes that they figured in his childhood memory. At the end of round 1 of the battle, Po is severely injured and rescued by the goat who then explains the past behind Po’s traumatic childhood, which he has not yet come to terms with. His friends are captured and it looks like it’s all over.
Lord Shen, while on the way to destroy China, is suddenly confronted by a rejuvenated Po. His friends are rescued, and then a bitter battle ensues. Po dodges cannon-balls fired at him with such grace that it’s a treat to watch. All this as he has found his “inner peace”.
Good wins over evil and Po goes home to be with his dad Ping.
My rating:3.5/5….actually 4/5 – for Po’s calisthenics while displaying inner peace and the 3-D effects.

Sunday, February 6, 2011


Posters and promos look attractive and has the biggest selling point – James Cameron. That is only one of the 2 things that seem big, other than the aerial shot of the cave which is our protagonist of the movie. Nothing else quite matches up to the mass appeal of Titanic in terms of story & emotion or the special effects of Avatar. Why was it on 3-D? dunno…can’t say..
Simple storyline…. Frank is an expert explorer who has taken up a mission to find a way from the world’s largest cave, Esa-ala in Papua New Guinea, to the sea. Accompanying him are his son,Josh (who cannot relate to the father’s greatness), Carl (millionaire who has invested in the expedition) and his girlfriend Victoria. He also has George and Jude from his earlier team, who are experts and are willing participants. Now they need to find this connection before the storm and take over the cave and the river flowing through it.
Through the so-called adventure, they need to deal with situations that test their emotional reserve along with their physical one. In the end, it triumph of the mentally strongest smartest.
What works:
You will be awe struck in certain patches – like the opening scene of the cave and the camaraderie that leads to father-son bonding.
What doesn’t:
You go in with expectations of Titanic and Avatar, and it’ll go poof…within a few minutes of screen time.
3-D was not needed
My rating:
2/5 – Maybe you can give it a miss… and the world will still be a beautiful place

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Turning 30!!

Bollywood’s attempt of coming-of-age film, is what Turning 30 is all about. Think the director took the description quite seriously and makes the whole aging, youth, singlehood and homosexuality a big farce.
Naina Singh (Gul Panag) lives in a perfect world. Creative Head at an ad agency, adorable boyfriend Rishabh (Sid Makkar), gal pals- Rukhsana and Malini. Parties, late nights and a doting mother on the telephone. And she is 2 weeks from her 30th b’day. She has planned it all…Rishabh will propose to her, she will bring in her b’day at the Lonavla cottage owned by him, maybe have a party in Mumbai and her creative ideas are the best.
Alas, all that planning was in the head. Rishabh decides to marry Yamini, a family friend’s daughter just back from the US. Jamie, her rival at work takes the credit for her hardwork ,her creative ideas for a campaign fall flat and her boss is all set to fire her (since he likes his pumpkin Jamie than Naina).
She is now depressed, has only her mum n gal pals to cry to – who think a haircut helps you get over a breakup effectively. She drinks and smokes like Kal Ho na Ho… keeps telling herself that she needs to put on a brave front. What follows her recovery from the disaster she goes through, is suppose to be hilarious but fails to strike a chord with the audience, age be damned. Her masseuse thinks that she needs vibrators, and her bai is concerned that she’s single again. Mom takes her to the astrologer to find out if she will be getting married in the near future.
Enter Jai,or rather re-enter Jai(Purab Kohli) into Naina’s life. He had parted ways 4 years ago and now is a hot-shot photographer. Looks charming that Naina is attracted to him and even sleeps with him. Like a typical Indian guy, he even asks her to marry him after a night together. But she needs time to get Rishabh out of her system, poor baby. She keeps trying to call him, text him, seduce him and guilt trip his parents, just to win him back.
Finally she turns 30, and her b’day party becomes a session of all skeletons in the closet to tumble out. Rukhsana’s husband Saahil accepts he has been philandering but will give it all up for their baby. Malini confesses Ramona is her girlfriend (Malini looks very unconvinced about this scene and it shows). Jai claims to be able to sink in Naina’s dimples all over again. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwnnn!!
One fine day her boss decides that she cannot understand the pulse of youth and makes her work on a post-30 campaign, befitting her age. She works hard for it, only for ideas to be turned down citing risk propositions. She then quits in a huff and in a moment as pathbreaking, Malini discovers Naina’s writing abilities. Things change for the better, including where Naina sues her ex-employers for copyrights and ethics. She even completes her book and it is launched – named so predictably – Turning 30!! And she lives peacefully after. So do we!!
Director Alankrit wrote the script and directed it while he was at his creative lowest. It really is a no-brainer. You can find a Naina all over Mumbai and miss her completely…so why make a movie about it. Clich├ęs work if presented well, not in a tacky way – booze, sex,smoking, single girls, big bad city, weird working hours, lack of family, advice from all corners of your life on settling down, the list is endless.
The only silver lining was the charming Purab Kohli as Jai with his scarves….!!
My rating: 2/5 – Wont miss much if you give this movie a miss (It may not be telecasted on Satellite TV due to its explicit adult content)

Dhobi Ghat

Aamir Khan’s yet another home production. This time it is for wife Kiran Rao’s directorial debut. Dhobi Ghat is a film set in the lanes and bylanes of Mumbai portraying its true flavor, very unlike the usual gloss that we get to see. This movie is more an arty movie with a slight attempt at being commercial.
Movie has 4 central characters, who lead you through the familiar locations in Mumbai with calculated presence. Arun (Aamir Khan), a painter who comes to Mumbai and wants to be alone post-divorce. He also ensures any interactions he has will be without any strings attached. Enter Shai (Monica Dogra), an investment banker from New York on a sabbatical, wanting to explore her passion for photography. Munna (Prateik Babbar), a washerman by day,rat killer by night and an actor by ambition/aspiration. Yasmin (Kriti Malhotra), a young Muslim home maker, whose home videos chronicles her life in the new city,post marriage.
Arun meets Shai at an art exhibition showcasing his paintings. They spend the night and before Shai gets any ideas, Arun curtly informs her that he doesn’t want any kind of relationship. Heart broken, she return home, and Munna turns up at her house with her laundry. Coincidence that Arun and Shai share the dhobi’s services. This gives Shai an opportunity to approach Arun, but very stealthily and through Munna. The curiosity in Arun makes him find some discarded video tapes in the cupboard. Curiosity makes him watch it which leads him to discover the earlier tenant of the house. She is narrating her experiences of Mumbai for her brother back home, but looks like, it never got sent. Arun is extremely inspired by the home video for his artwork.
Munna and Shai discover each other’s company, soon Munna falls for her, but never reveals it. She helps him shoot his portfolio for his acting career. Together they sightsee Mumbai without the touristy attractions. In what we would call a predictable twist, Munna realizes that Shai likes Arun and he was probable just an acquaintance/friend on the way. He decides to keep his silences and gives her Arun’s address.
What works:
Well thought out script and screenplay
Truth in depiction of Mumbai
Kriti’s innocence
What doesn’t
Takes time to grow on you – typical cinegoer looking for masala and melodrama will not appreciate it
Aamir Khan’s constant brooding doesn’t strike a chord

Lacks the edge that could have taken it to the Oscars
My rating: 3/5 – the pace allows you to watch it once

The Green Hornet

Based on the comic series, Green Hornet, another 3D movie looks like a feeble attempt at silly heroics for the sake of getting attention.
Britt Reid (Seth Rogen – rather a strange choice to play the protagonist), is the only son of a media magnate but has been neglected all through his childhood. He continues into adulthood, seeking the very same attention that he has been deprived of and hating his father & his successful newspaper business. In order to give semblance of a track to the story, Reid senior (Tom Wilkinson) passes away. Britt is so bitter that he fires every servant employed by his father. Only to realize that he would not be getting his cup of cappuccino the way he knows and likes it.
This leads to the mechanical genius Kato(Jay Chou), who can design n make any kind of machinery in the most innovative way. He has never had an opinion of his previous master, but loves to hate him now that he befriends Britt. One evening of stupidity makes them realize that they can be superheros to fight crime, just like Superman/Spiderman. But those guys had genuine superpower. These have to invent something..
Kato gets to his drawing board and creates the most amazing machinery to attack and dazzle. Britt meanwhile names himself as the Green Hornet. He even persuades his office to dig up the dirt on this character to keep them busy. They are happy-go-lucky about their fights until they run into mafia represented by Chudnofsky(Christopher Waltz) and also a political mess with Scanlon (David Harbour).
For some strange reason, this movie has Lenore Case(Cameron Diaz) expressing her age, and trying to look hot. She looks totally clueless about her role in the company and does not allow Britt or Kato to hit on her. Why was she there in the movie? Don’t know…Can’t say.
Finally, they beat up all the bad guys with some gravity and death defying stunts and peace returns to the world. To the relief of the audience as well.
What works:
All the hi tech toys that Kato builds
What doesn’t:
Attempt at super heroics
Why did Cameron Diaz agree for a 2-pence role? No one would’ve realized even if she wasn’t around
My rating: 2/5 – Pretty avoidable

Monday, January 10, 2011

Band Baaja Baaraat

One more outing from the Yashraj camp, this time though…no big names and no claim to fame of size zero and appearance changes. Stars Anushka Sharma as Shruti Kakkad and New-boy Ranveer Singh as Bittoo Sharma.
The movie starts with Bittoo gate-crashing a wedding which has Shruti supervising the catering. A slightly heated argument and he’s head-over heels in love with her (How predicatbaly Hi-Fi - Hindi Film Industry). She shares her ambition to start “Shaadi Mubarak”, a wedding planning Buinness (business). When asked to return to his village, he quickly decides to partner with her, just to avoid going back home to grow & harvest sugarcane. She is reluctant, quite obviously.
They start by assisting an established wedding planner, only to realize that they’re better off, being their own bosses. Buinness is set up and Bittoo conveniently has his living quarters right above the office. He lovingly makes adrak ki chai for his partner, orders dinner for both of them and even drops her home when they’re working late. He cannot reveal his feelings to her at any point as Shruti has already laid the ground rule “Jisse vyapaar karo, usse kabhi na pyaar karo” (You cannot be in love with your business partner). They soon fall into a comfort zone, organizing small budget weddings…and move onto the big league ones.
On the successful execution of their first big budget wedding, they celebrate with champagne and get drunk .At this stage, Shruti breaks her own laid rule,but a dilemma arises since he’s not sure if she’s in love with him. He attempts clarification and all hell breaks loose.
It goes to the extent where they break the partnership and openly tarnish each other’s reputation until a mega project forces them to work together. They do so despite their differences, with a promise that they will not tread on each other’s departments.
In this so called love story, the love declaration happens only in the end…with a confrontation and a confession..Yawn….. !! and obviously they live happily ever after.
What works:
Low-budget movie
In your face and raw dialogues…some that you would catch while walking in Delhi
No usual YRF candy-floss, Switzerland, chiffon sarees
What didn’t work:
Maybe the audience is not restricted to only one part of India
Music not very catchy, except one (Ainvayi Ainvayi). I don’t know why the item number was needed though
2nd half could’ve done with some crisp editing
Rating : 2.5/5 – One time watch only