Sunday, December 2, 2012


Directed by Reema Kagti, stars Aamir Khan(Surjan), Rani Mukherji(Roshni), Kareena Kapoor(Rosie)and Nawazuddin Siddiqui(Temur).
Movie opens with a big-bang accident which involves a car falling into the Arabian Sea in the middle of the night. Search operations reveal an upcoming famous movie star Armaan Kapoor (Vivaan Bathena). Surjan is entrusted the investigation of the accident, which kick starts the movie. Surjan and Roshni move into a new neighbourhood and Roshni is welcomes by nosy neighbor Frenny(Shernaz Patel). There is not much conversation between the couple and Roshni is spending a good amount of her time with the psychiatrist, to overcome a major tragedy in their life, for which Surjan holds himself responsible. Surjan is a workaholic and spends all day and night on the investigation. This leads him to meeting Rosie,a call girl and she enchants him, giving him certain subtle clues about the accident. He spends a considerable amount of time in the red-light areas since that’s where the common thread of the accident lies. Temur on the side wants to make a quick buck thinking he knows the cause of the accident.
Multiple encounters later, he seeks her to get his peace of mind and puts together the pieces of the puzzle that leads him to the reason behind the accident, and eventually closes the case.
What I liked:
The script is strong and does not need the usual song-dance routines or unwanted fate induced situations
Aamir Khan as the angry expressionless cop, with a heart of gold – only one scene has he beaten up a pimp
Kareena Kapoor – no overacting, pouting…just a subtle glam doll who seduces with her dialogues
What I did not like:
Second half had too much build up to the answers and ending was like a sudden drop of a cliff
My rating: 3/5

Sunday, July 15, 2012


Cocktail stars Saif Ali Khan(Gautam Kapoor), Deepika Padukone(Veronica), Diana Penty(Meera), Dimple Kapadia and Boman Irani. Directed by Homi Adajania (who earlier directed ‘Being Cyrus’) revolves around friendship, love, and all other complications associated with it.

Teary eyed Meera lands in London and bumps into the wild party animal Veronica in a rest room. Having nowhere to go, she ends up staying in Veronica’s house and they become soul sisters (haven’t they learnt from real life where 2 good looking women cannot be friends/soul sisters). One night of partying makes way for them meeting Gautam and surprise surprise, he too moves into the house. The 3 have a ball of a time living together, with Gautam having his interests with Veronica and a cordial respect for Meera. Mom Dimple suddenly turns up to find her son Gutlu(Gautam,obviously) living with 2 women and he convinces her that Meera is the love of his life.
On a weekend trip, Gautam discovers his feelings for Meera and things go into an emotional whirlpool. Meera allows them to re-discover each other. Veronica meanwhile, tries to turn things around and all emotions get complicated between the three of them.

What I liked:
Diana Penty- looks so waif-like and doesn’t want to let go of her Indian ness and reinforces that Silence is Golden
Deepika Padukone in a rare display of acting- one as a party animal, a rich spolit brat but with a heart of gold; another as a girl desperate to make the love of her life accept her as marriage material
Tracks - Daaru Desi & Tumhi ho bandhu

What I didn’t:
Saif trying to be 25 something at 40, and looking ridiculous
Movie could’ve ended 15 min earlier, and spared all of us the emotional atyachaar

My rating: 2.5/5(can wait till it comes on TV)