Sunday, February 6, 2011


Posters and promos look attractive and has the biggest selling point – James Cameron. That is only one of the 2 things that seem big, other than the aerial shot of the cave which is our protagonist of the movie. Nothing else quite matches up to the mass appeal of Titanic in terms of story & emotion or the special effects of Avatar. Why was it on 3-D? dunno…can’t say..
Simple storyline…. Frank is an expert explorer who has taken up a mission to find a way from the world’s largest cave, Esa-ala in Papua New Guinea, to the sea. Accompanying him are his son,Josh (who cannot relate to the father’s greatness), Carl (millionaire who has invested in the expedition) and his girlfriend Victoria. He also has George and Jude from his earlier team, who are experts and are willing participants. Now they need to find this connection before the storm and take over the cave and the river flowing through it.
Through the so-called adventure, they need to deal with situations that test their emotional reserve along with their physical one. In the end, it triumph of the mentally strongest smartest.
What works:
You will be awe struck in certain patches – like the opening scene of the cave and the camaraderie that leads to father-son bonding.
What doesn’t:
You go in with expectations of Titanic and Avatar, and it’ll go poof…within a few minutes of screen time.
3-D was not needed
My rating:
2/5 – Maybe you can give it a miss… and the world will still be a beautiful place