Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Ragini MMS2

After a long hiatus from my movie reviews, decided to get back into the habit... with maybe a new approach

Background: Ragini MMS2 is a sequel to the famously infamous Ragini MMS (based on a supposedly real life incident)

What we see:
  • Projected as a Horrorex (Horror+Sex) movie, obviously with Sunny Leone in it... not even expecting it..
  • This is a movie shooting within a movie (trying to create Ragini MMS) and all the creepy things associated with the usual horror fare
  • Every other starlet is waiting for the opportunity to jump into the other's bed or in the shower or in a game of "I never"
  • The movie focuses only on Sunny, Sunny & Sunny till the director realizes that the horror element has to be incorporated
  • Few scenes of evil possessing most of the crew, and blood and gore later does a US returned psychiatrist realize the solution to releasing the evil
  • They all lived (whoever was left) happily ever after
Sunny Leone' s sizzling screen presence

Pretty much most of the script and screenplay (Theatre was 20% full on day 1)

Rating: 2/5