Monday, December 21, 2015

Bajirao Mastani

Build up:
Love story of Peshwa Baji Rao of the Maratha empire with Mastani, and their trial by fire in course of the love saga. Bajirao(Ranveer Singh), Deepika Padukone(Mastani), Priyanka Chopra(Kashi) and Tanvi Azmi(Maa Sahib), make the main cast.

What we see:

  • Visit to history at the time of the Maratha empire with Baji Rao being near to invincible 
  • Bajirao is a fearless warrior and is very rational about his decisions
  • Extends help to Bundelkhand on the request of valiant princess (Mastani) - pretty and tough
  • Follows him back to Pune, for love and as tradition of Bundelkhand, she is married to him
  • Once she reaches Pune, she is targetted at various instances and comes out victorious, as love is her only motivation
  • Kashi on the other hand believes that her beloved husband is in love with another woman when she herself views it, and takes her time to digest it
What I like:
  • The grandeur of the sets of the palace, the war scenes
  • All 3 angles of the love triangle hold their fort with grace and strong performances
  • Dialogues by Ranveer and Deepika
What i didnt like:
  • not much but the conspiracy angle got dragged a lil too far
Rating: 3.5/5


Much awaited movie featuring the 90s and early 2000s hit jodi SRK and Kajol....we didnt need any other reason than them to watch this. Rohit Shetty took the magical jodi and put them in his favourite location and toys and made 'Dilwale'

Movie stars SRK (Raj - patented name na), Kajol (Meera), Varun Dhawan(Veer) and 
Kriti Sanon(Ishita), alongwith Boman Irani, Sanjay Mishra, blink and you miss Kabir Bedi and Vinod Khanna

The Brothers Raj and Veer, are in picturesque Goa, modifying cars - what else??? and Veer is tongue tied when he has to patao Ishita(issue). For some strange reason, they want to head into marriage quickly and approach Raj to speak to Issue's sister. Elder brother and Elder sister meet and then all hell breaks loose....into flashback... Meera and Raj (then called Kaali) knew each other and were in love.Fate had other plans and they were separated due to the age old formula of misunderstanding (when they had phones, why ant they just call/txt each other to clarify). 

Kaali was a gangster heir apparent and Meera was a street artist. HE let all the past at Bulgaria and started afresh in Goa, and always doting on his baby brother that you will feel diabetic.

Cut to present, Meera firmly says no to the alliance and starts making unreasonable demands to the younger siblings' marriage. Typical Bollywood provides the fodder to make her say yes to this including forgiving Kaali/Raj and they all live happily ever after...

What I Liked:
Kajol looks amazing
SRK is back to his Chak De sexy look (stubble suits him)
Gerua - it'll give u goosebumps and wish you were in the song too
Comic relief from Boman and Sanjay Mishra(Apple Singh)

What i didnt like:
No solid Script - all coy paste from Raj/Rahul moments over the years

It's a No brainer Bollywood masala, which Rohit Shetty took a the audiences for a ride in a wobbly car than the swanky ones he blows up

Rating: 2/5