Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I Am

I am is yet another Onir creation. It’s more in the critical acclaim category than for commercial. Onir casts his favorites: Rahul Bose, Sanjay Suri, Juhi Chawla
Movie has 4 parts, each with a story of its own.
Afia (Nandita Das) wants to have a baby desperately, only to find that her husband is going to divorce her shortly. Shattered but determined, opts of artificial insemination. Against warnings from friends, goes ahead to know the sperm donor (Purab Kohli) at a personal level. Her anxiety in knowing his personality and family, sort of makes him go on a backfoot, which is not explained well.
Megha(Juhi Chawla) returns to Kashmir to sell off her ancestral property. She meets her long time neighbours (Manisha Koirala), who wants Megha to remember her past in Kashmir. All that Megha remembers and is hurt by is the fact that her Kashmiri Pandit family were forced to flee and wants to have no connections with the place now.
Abhimanyu(Sanjay Suri) is a photographer and is a victim of child abuse. His step father is dying and his mother wants him to be home one last time. She doesn’t know the true nature of the relationship between her second husband and her son as she thinks everything was rosy from her view. Only when he gathers up the courage to go meet her, it is too late. She also doesn’t believe him on the abuse. What is portrayed is very subtle and not in your face to scandalize you.
Omar (Rahul Bose) is gay and a chance encounter with a wannabe actor (Arjun Mathur) gets him into trouble. They get caught by a cop and he ends up coughing up a huge amount of money. He doesn’t know he has been duped till he meets Arjun again at a later point in time.
The story ends with this episode without a typical climax. Nevertheless, well written and keeps you engrossed.
My rating: 3/5

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