Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Delhi Belly

Delhi Belly is an Aamir Khan production and stars Imran Khan as Tashi,Vir Das as Arup and Kunal Roy Kapur as Nitin. Add to this is Shenaz as Sonia and Tashi’s girlfriend.
Tashi,Arup and Nitin are flat mates and always try to pass on responbilities of the household to each other. Even something as simple as opening the door to visitors and keeping buckets in place to fill water. And they are behind the rent schedule (nothing new). Sonia drops in to let Tashi know that he needs to meet her parents that afternoon for lunch and meanwhile drop off a package for a friend. Tashi delegates it to Nitin. Nitin meanwhile falls sick after eating some road side fare and hands over the package to Arup.
Trouble sets in when Arup switches the package with the stool sample from Nitin. The package was diamonds smuggled into the country for a local don. Tashi meanwhile gets chased and shot at by colleague Menaka’s(Poorna Jagannathan) ex-husband and ruins his newly gifted Santro.
Sonia gets kidnapped and the goons need the diamonds as ransom. Just when they had sold it and got a lot of money for it. They attempt to steal it back, in order to release Sonia. A very staged gunfight later, all the bad guys are killed and the trio with Sonia are miraculously alive. Has to be, it’s a Bollywood movie after all.
The movie is written with language that maybe alien to most of the audience. Has a gross factor in some scenes and swearing that comes matter-of-factly to the cast. It is fast paced and perfect for the multiplex audience.
My rating:3.5/5

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