Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Green Hornet

Based on the comic series, Green Hornet, another 3D movie looks like a feeble attempt at silly heroics for the sake of getting attention.
Britt Reid (Seth Rogen – rather a strange choice to play the protagonist), is the only son of a media magnate but has been neglected all through his childhood. He continues into adulthood, seeking the very same attention that he has been deprived of and hating his father & his successful newspaper business. In order to give semblance of a track to the story, Reid senior (Tom Wilkinson) passes away. Britt is so bitter that he fires every servant employed by his father. Only to realize that he would not be getting his cup of cappuccino the way he knows and likes it.
This leads to the mechanical genius Kato(Jay Chou), who can design n make any kind of machinery in the most innovative way. He has never had an opinion of his previous master, but loves to hate him now that he befriends Britt. One evening of stupidity makes them realize that they can be superheros to fight crime, just like Superman/Spiderman. But those guys had genuine superpower. These have to invent something..
Kato gets to his drawing board and creates the most amazing machinery to attack and dazzle. Britt meanwhile names himself as the Green Hornet. He even persuades his office to dig up the dirt on this character to keep them busy. They are happy-go-lucky about their fights until they run into mafia represented by Chudnofsky(Christopher Waltz) and also a political mess with Scanlon (David Harbour).
For some strange reason, this movie has Lenore Case(Cameron Diaz) expressing her age, and trying to look hot. She looks totally clueless about her role in the company and does not allow Britt or Kato to hit on her. Why was she there in the movie? Don’t know…Can’t say.
Finally, they beat up all the bad guys with some gravity and death defying stunts and peace returns to the world. To the relief of the audience as well.
What works:
All the hi tech toys that Kato builds
What doesn’t:
Attempt at super heroics
Why did Cameron Diaz agree for a 2-pence role? No one would’ve realized even if she wasn’t around
My rating: 2/5 – Pretty avoidable

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