Monday, July 26, 2010


Inception is one of those movies, where if you blink, you may end up missing a crucial link in the storyline. You may even forget to chomp on your popcorn or sip your drink, but blink you may not want to.
Cobb (Leonardo Dicaprio ) is accused of intending to murder Saito (Ken Watanabe) after being found on the seashore with a gun and a curious top- the kind that spins. Just when you think that this is another random story of espionage and conspiracy, there is a twist which shows a riotous crowd and Cobb being shaken awake to no luck.
The scene then shifts its focus to Cobb and him wanting to get back to his family. Saito promises him one last extracting assignment and freedom as his payment. Cobb first goes back to his father-in law for help, to get a replacement as an extractor. What does an extractor actually do? An extractor taps a person’s thoughts when they are in a dream like state, leads them to believe certain thoughts and can even change their mind. But this is a technique that does not come easily, and requires out of the box, a different plane imagination. He finds an able student in an architect and he starts his preparation on the last assignment.
The assignment given by Saito is that he needs Cobb to create an inception in the mind of Robert Fischer (Cillian Murphy), a business rival, taking the meaning of industrial conspiracy/espionage to a whole new level. The team eventually starts the project on a long 10 hour flight which Fischer takes to go meet his father, who’s on his deathbed.
Complications arise as Cobb’s wife keeps turning up, lowering his defenses which worries the young architect. Alternately Fischer creates his own defense mechanisms making way for those subtly inserted action sequences that suddenly seem out of place.
The screenplay and the visual effects shoulder the script very well. The entire cast has been well thought of with the icing on the cake being the role of Cobb played by Leonardo DiCaprio. Have not seen a movie with s simple concept but presented elaborately, without the mental agony of figuring out the predictability of the plot.
The entire movie keeps you on the edge with concepts like dream within a dream and how if you die in a dream, you end up with complicated results. You also need to have an object that allows you to differentiate between reality, your dream and someone else's dream. The climax is very well spun and is in line with the whole theme and gets a wee bit dragged out in an attempt to show the concept of multi-layered dreams among a group of people and who need to wake up exactly at the same moment.
My rating: 4/5

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