Saturday, July 3, 2010

I Hate Luv Storys

IHLS is another product from the Dharma Productions, encouraging young and new talent. This time it is Punit Malhotra, nephew of the famed designer Manish Malhotra (who designs and makes all of K Jo’s cast look like they’ve just descended from heaven)
IHLS starts with Jay Dhingra (Imran Khan) who just cannot stand the mush that his boss Veer Kapoor(Sameer Soni – spoofing Karan Johar) makes and believes in. He thinks all the movies are just recycled with different actors with slight difference in the drama and location. He bumps into Simran (Sonam Kapoor) during one boring assignment of his and they start on the wrong foot. Next thing he knows, is that Simran is the Production Designer of the latest movie Veer is making, and Jay is her assistant.
Simran is one of the typical characters who we could have seen in movies from the Yashraj banner, Karan Johar movie; all mush…loves pink and romance. She has a long standing relationship to Raj (Sameer Dattani – whose character is somewhat like Subodh of DCH) and Jay thinks they are all too filmy to be true. Raj and Simran always are seen in clothes that have been coordinated, that somewhere you think they could’ve been twins rather than lovers. They even have a funda like ,”We don’t drink on weekdays”. For someone to be playing Raj on the lines of SRK, needs to be really good and convincing. All that this Raj comes up with is expensive gifts and a white flower everyday
While they’re getting to know and work with each other, Jay and Simran start covering up for each other she even starts noticing major differences in their personality that she can’t helpthinking about Jay every time she’s wth Raj .Simran think she’s in love with Jay,who does not believe in the concept of love. She confesses her feelings for him only to be turned down.
The scene then shifts to the outdoor location of the movie they both are part of, where Jay discovers his feelings for her and confesses. But this time she says no. After a few glycerin induced moments which kind of span about 30 min of the movie, which can make you get up and shake these two up and say “ Go and get a grip of yourselves”, and a dramatic enlightening moment, they finally get together.
What I liked:
The breezy first half which showed the chemistry of Imran and Sonam
Sonam’s presentation
Clich├ęd filmy moments
The title track set in the beaches of Goa, and the track “Jab Mila Tu”. The other 3 tracks are hummable
What bored me:
The 2nd half, where the movie just was showing me a moping Sonam and Imran.
Imran’s acting has gone on a downward spiral; all the promise he showed in Jaane tu…ya jaane na and the kind of gene pool he’s part has disappeared. He has concentrated more on getting a good lean look and lost all faculties of his facial muscles
Sameer Dattani –why does the third angle to a love triangle have to be such a loser, that it’s obvious?
My rating: Average (3/5) – it’s good for an audience which loves the romantic movies from YRF, Dharma with the chiffon and snow

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