Sunday, May 23, 2010

Kites – review One of the most awaited release of Bollywood post IPL….Kites. A bit of controversy surrounding the lead pair had given this movie an initial push. Kites is the story of an American dance instructor Jay (Hrithik), and Geena (Kangna Ranaut), his dance partner. She is also in love with him. Over time, he is introduced to her family, who are part of the underworld. Jay meets the family and meets her brother Tony and his fiancé Natasha (Barbara Mori). Cut to flashback, Jay who wants to make money anyway possible to realize his dreams of making it big. One of his part time money making schemes includes, posing as the husband to illegal women immigrants and granting them citizenship. One of his business deals involves Linda (Barbara Mori). The night before Linda/Natasha’s wedding, she wants to hang out with her friend (Jay) and Tony finds out, that they know each other. They escape from him and the rest of the story involves car-chases, hot air balloon escape, a bank robbery and a wedding around the deserts of America. What works for the movie: there isn’t anything in the movie since they forgot to write a decent story. One dance performance of Hrithik and Kangna is a saving whisker. What does not work: There’s a long list of it: No storyline – for a dance-based movie, hardly any dance in it So called chemistry of the leading pair is missing Barbara talking constantly in Spanish and Hrithik in English/Hindi and most of the movie with no dialogues. Trademark music from Rajesh Roshan absent since there are abt 2-3 songs and rest of it is just background music. From Rakesh Roshan’s stable, this is a huge disappointment. This could well have been a Hollywood movie, starring Hrithik and Kangna. My rating: 1.5/5

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