Sunday, August 22, 2010

Lafangey Parindey

One more gaaliful title….after Kaminey and 3 idiots (LOL), this time from Yashraj Films starring Deepika Padukone as Pinky Palkar and Neil Nitin Mukesh as One shot Nandu.
The movie starts with a fight club like scene with Nandu winning with his trademark single shot which has earned him his title. He gets bashed up like no one’s business and is always blindfolded. He then lands the Kayo punch just when his opponent thinks he has won the bout and has let down his guard. Making money out of these fights is Usman Bhai (Piyush Mishra). Pinky meanwhile is seen skate dancing around in an abandoned house with her colleague in a pristine clean Mumbai chawl (how typical Yashraj).
One rainy night, in a freak accident Anna (Kay Kay Menon) is killed after being sent out to kill a business rival and Pinky also loses her eyesight. Surprisingly, the rest of her body is scratchless….Teflon coating tha kya?!?!?! Taking her of her medical expenses is the secret angel Nandu thru her so-called brother Chaddi (Namit Das). Pinky is unperturbed post her loss of eyesight and wants to continue her efforts for a dance reality show which would mean instant fame and passport to a better life. But alas, her partner is not so understanding and eventually backs out. Nandu meanwhile decides to help her improve skills to compensate for her lack in eyesight. How? Since he fights blindfold…Why? Isn’t it obvious…. And also becomes her dance partner, on skates, while teaching her how to judge distances with ringing bells, sacks of fish and hens.
Soon, as predictable as ever, they reach the finals and in the process fall in love as well. On a parallel track, the cops investigate Anna’s death and linked somewhere is Pinky’s accident. The moment of truth is revealed to her just when she is about to perform, but that does not deter her a teeny weensy bit.
And all’s well that ends well!!!
What worked? – Nothing much….maybe some of the dialogues which maybe original
What didn’t: quite a lot
A Mumbai chawl that’s well landscaped and too clean
Neil’s out of place with Marathi;
Deepika still can’t act, dance and use her height to her advantage
Very thin storyline…nothing outstanding; too much Marathi used which looks fitted in for the sake of it.
Music – not worth remembering

My rating: 2/5 - we can soon find this being telecast on First time on Indian Television category

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