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As the pre-release publicity has suggested, Paa deals with a rare condition called Progeria, which is caused due to a genetic defect. The condition causes the body of the person to age 5-6 times the actual age, making the constitution of the person go hay-wire. Mentally the person would still have the brain functions and development of the actual age. The life span of Progeria patients is not beyond 13-14 yrs with a maximum of 20 yrs.
(Source: Wikipedia)

Paa has its opening credits narrated in a very artificial way by Jaya Bachchan (the only missing person in this movie was the Bachchan Bahu, to complete the family participation) – found it mistimed.
The movie is set in a school which has Auro (AB) being brought into frame with a bathroom accident and happens to be the winner of the prize for the best “Vision of India” depiction. The judge for this contest happens to be – no prizes for guessing – AB Jr, whose looks have been modeled on Sachin Pilot.
With a politician visiting a school, there is bound to be media coverage…and Auro’s condition is splashed across national television. Only to be noticed by Vidya, Auro’s mother (played by Vidya Balan – without being a fashion disaster this time around)……n then Flashback
(Med student)Girl bumps into (Political Sc student) boy…sparks fly….and poof …she’s pregnant. And typical situation, they can’t get married now, since studies and career are more important than the relationship. Boy asks Girl to abort the baby, but she doesn’t want to…goes home to mom…..crying obviously. Here comes the kahaani mein twist…mom is not the type cast Indian mom, who says “ Beti, yeh tune kya kar diya? Hamari izzat ko mitthi mein mila di….main kisi ko moonh dikhaane layak nahin rahoongi”. She takes care of the daughter and the grandson.
Enter Auro as a child whose condition of Progeria is confirmed to have no cure. Then starts the engaging Auro, who would need hospitalization since his body cannot take the stress of school, n then mom, has to drop him off every morning, which he finds very embarrassing. Meanwhile as a make-up for the media disaster, AB Jr, promises him a trip to Rashtrapati Bhavan. But due to unavoidable political circumstances, he stands Auro up, is not forgiven easily,
In a totally filmi moment, mom reveals who the dad is, on his b’day. This strengthens Auro’s resolve to meet the politician father.
And then the trip happens, with a bonding session. On return, Auro violently falls sick and requires hospitalization, paving way for a predictable climax.

The movie has its highs and lows.
The highs being: Auro’s matter of fact dialogues and good performance by Vidya Balan & Amitabh Bachchan. Just 2 songs which are pleasant
The lows being: a lil dragged out storyline in patches and a typical political father act by Paresh Rawal, which can border on the lines of insensitivity.

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